2018 Delta des Refuses Exhibition

June 8th, 2018 - August 25th, 2018

Butler Center Basement Gallery and Cox Creative Center Gallery

Downtown Little Rock, AR

June 8th Opening Reception Slideshow
June 8th Opening Reception Slideshow

Conceived in the spirit of the original Paris Salon des Refusés from 1863, the “Delta des Refusés” exhibition hopes to challenge the traditional authority of juried taste by allowing any artist who was rejected from the Arkansas Art Center’s Delta Exhibition to exhibit in the Refusés show. This is the second year of the Delta des Refusés, which will showcase the works of more than 80 artists.

The Delta des Refusés will be held June 8th through August 25th, 2018, in the basement galley of the Butler Center and in the 3rd floor gallery of the Cox Creative Center. The buildings are adjacent to one another in downtown Little Rock. An opening reception with free admission will be held June 8th from 5 to 8 p.m. in both locations. The Butler Center is is located at 401 President Clinton Ave, Little Rock, AR 7220.

The Butler Center is open from 9 am - 6 pm Monday - Saturday. It is closed Sundays.

The Cox Creative Center is open 8 am - 5 pm Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm on Saturdays. The Cox Center is closed Sunday.


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This years talent consists of the following 105 artists.

Cindy Adams

Deborah Allen

Seth Bailey

Jaquita Ball

Carrie Balling Porter

Sandy Barksdale

Bill Barksdale

Judith Beale

Don Byram

Catherine Caldwell

Debra Caldwell

Ana Sofia Camargo Montenegro

Heather Canterbury

David Carpenter

Matthew Castellano

Carol Corning

Michaela Cozad

Larry Crane

Lisa Crews

Randi Curtis

Sara Daily

Richard Davies

Chuck Davis

Margo Duvall

Patrick Fleming

Lisa Floryshak

Ike Garlington

Jasmine Greer

Diane Harper

Laura Harrod

Joyce Hartmann

René Hein

Judy Henderson

Susie Henley

James Henley

Marianne Hedges Hennigar

Mary Nancy Henry

Savannah Herrera

Sarah Higgins

Karlyn Holloway

Flynn Hudson

Cary Jenkins

Crystal Jennings

Glenda Josephson

Marty Justice

Deborah Kuster

Kim Kwee

Jill Kyong

Beth Lambert

Melissa Lashbrook

Michael Lindas

Sandra Marson

David McGhee

Dewana McIntosh

Michael McKenzie

Cheryl McMickle

Tonya McNair

David McRoberts

Keith Melton

Patricia Monoson

Alex Moomey

Joseph Moseley

Daniella Napolitano

Julia Napolitano

Bonnie Nickol

Tina Oppenheimer

Janice Paine-Dawes

Ruth Pasquine

Rashawn Penister

Ed Pennebaker

Jennifer Perren

Millicent Phillips

Paul Prater

Adrian Quintanar

Laura Raborn

David Rackley

R. Price Reep

Joanna Reid

Nathaniel Roe

Mary Ann Stafford

Barbara Satterfield

Sabine Schmidt

Dee Schulten

Joy Schultz

Kasten Searles

Alice Shands

Byron Taylor

S. Joseph Thomason

Lucy Towbin

Betty Mabry Turner

Pat Ulrich

Rick VanHook

Jo Lynne Varner

Axel Veliz

James Volkert

Jeff Waddle

Alecia Walls - Barton

Jason Ward

Dondi Warren

Cathy Wester

Melissa Wilkinson

Don Williams

Brian Wolf

Emily Wood

Markeith Woods

Exhibition Installed


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